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domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Belly Dancy

Let's face it, the exercise of belly dancing is great, and yes, you do burn a lot of calories, but the real fun is wearing those beautiful Belly dancing costumes. What other form of exercise enables you to wear such a graceful, sexy outfit in the name of working out. It's almost a sacrilege to get something that beautiful covered in beads of perspiration!

Think for a minute about belly dancing costumes. The scarfs, veils, belly dancing skirts, jewelry, coins, all combining into a beautiful outfit. even the best jogging outfit can't compete!
Where to buy bellydancing costumes

You will have no trouble finding places to buy belly dancing costumes online. offers all things to do with belly dancing including belly dance costumes, belly dance skirts, belly dance tops, belly dancing jewelry, belts and hip scarves, dance accessories, homeware and gifts, music CDs, musical instruments, supplies, and videos – just to name a few of the things that they have to offer.

The Turkish-Emporium has roots in Anatolia, the Asiatic region of Turkey, and they are dedicated to bringing you the best form Anatolia. What's also cool about them is that they make a strong statement against the use of child labor for making belly dancing costumes.

Another great place to visit is There you will find oversize apparel, belly dance costumes, children’s costumes, men’s costumes, tribal jewelry, tribal costumes, tribal bras and belts, coins, belts, mirrors, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings, rings, coin belts, swords, canes, veils, head covers, harem pants, skirts and skirt sets, and more.

If you are looking for more information on belly dancing go to Shira gives a great overview of many aspects of belly dancing including where you can go to get belly dancing lessons, the history of belly dancing and how it all began, and even offers links to other sites that may be helpful to you. This is a great website to brush up on your knowledge of belly dancing.

Yet another option is that of They have a great selection and for example, you can get a 3-piece belly dancing costume for under $100. Aliah's Closet also has some great resources. if you are looking for a belly dancing teacher, this is a great place to go to. They have a regional map of the USA. Click on your state and it comes up with teachers in your area.

Also, Aliah's list upcoming events, for example dance pageants, perhaps coming to your area. Aliah's is a women-owned business with offices in Portland, Oregin and New Delhi, India.

If you are on the lookout for a great variety of custom made bellydancing costumes, visit

Finally, a great source for not just costumes but also DVDs, videos and music is

The bottom line is that there are plenty of great places to buy belly dancing costumes so look around and you'll have no problem finding what you need.

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