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quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Alice in Wonderland's White Queen based on Nigella Lawson, reveals Tim Burton

Nigella Lawson has been revealed as the inspiration for the White Queen in Hollywood's new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor
Published: 2:10PM GMT 24 Feb 2010
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Nigella Lawson criticised for bear fur comments Photo: BBC

Tim Burton, the film's American director, said he based the character on the domestic goddess after watching her television cookery shows. As played by Anne Hathaway, the Queen has a Stepford Wives-esque smile and is a dab hand in the kitchen.

"There's this very beautiful cooking show host in England named Nigella Lawson and I quietly had her as my image for this character," Burton told the Los Angeles Times.

"She's really beautiful and she does all this cooking, but then there's this glint in her eye and when you see it you go, 'Oh, whoa, she's like really... nuts'. I mean, in a good way. Well, maybe, I don't know."

Hathaway said her character has hidden depths. "She is kind of adorable on the outside and has tried very hard to become this good, almost over-the-top, positive creature but underneath she kind of has a murderous streak."

Lawson, 50, has been called the "queen of food porn" but once said she was uncomfortable with her image, declaring: "I don't want to be some blow-up sex doll in the kitchen."

The film, a 3-D extraganza starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, newcomer Mia Wasikowska as Alice, and Burton's British partner, Helena Bonham Carter, as the Red Queen.

The world premiere takes place in London tonight at the Odeon in Leicester Square. Unfortunately for cinemagoers, it will be the first and last time that an Odeon theatre will screen the film. The chain is boycotting the movie in protest at Disney's plan to release the DVD 12 weeks after the cinema release, rather than the traditional 17. Other chains have agreed to show it.

Burton's adventure is the latest adaptation of Lewis Carroll's enduring tale. Walt Disney released an animated version of the story in 1951, with Alice voiced by the British child actress Kathryn Beaumont.

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