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sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010


Family is the plane space where you grow and blossom and disclose love inside yourself.
I met my wife to be in a theater company that were both members. she blushed and I smiled.
I made the love court (brilliantly, I might say) and all other great initiation rituals, as required by the “praxis”, and I got married - I have no great philosophies for the reasons of the heart, Maria Madalena, my Chimera, fully completed me in a mysterious and fulgent act of cosmic conspiracy, she was the one. I'll stop here, there's the danger of becoming a great poet: the passions are to be leisurely copulated in joyfully Epicurean militancy, the tails are for the old, bold and, nostalgic sea-wolves. We had a son, José, in June "88". Here began a new phase of my life. Now I find myself as a father of a family, I got a job as a technician at an appliances shop. In Portugal Art doesn't make your offspring as plumpy as you would wish, and family comes before the whims (I inform the reader that this kind of rhetoric is not only a cliché, it's common). I have dedicated myself to painting and bridge on Thursday, the theater and pottery were put on the shelf, no melancholy there, it was in fact the family that I long wanted. These years were of some stability, the economy in Portugal was emerging. I gave myself the luxury of turning down a job in Lisbon, the wage they would pay me wasn't so fabulous that it would have made me turn my back to the magnificent hometown and its seashore, the Capital was out of my plans as the perfect place for raising a child - I was wrong, now I know. Crisis succeeded, and the disgusting interference by naive governments, left us folks with the severeness of the" rock and the hard place". We decided, for better or for worse, to stay in this parts.
We bought a house and let the roots develop in “Lagos”. Now my son is studying engineering and I still like my wife. Though all the difficulties, it was together as one family, that everything we build and achieved.
And so we got our stability... I think.

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