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sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Heavenly Teas and a Tin to Keep Them in Too

February 26, 2010

in Food

I was out walking around my local mall (Westfarms out here in Connecticut is really fabulous) and suddenly the aroma of spice and flowers melded with herbs came wafting through the air. It took a few steps, a little looking around before I spotted the big pot of tea sitting in front of the Teavana store. A long time tea fan, I made my way over and tasted a special brew they’d mixed up – part White Ayurvedic Chai, part Samarai Chai Mate – 100% heaven!

It’s a beautiful blend – the taste is wonderful and it’s said that it does all sorts of lovely things for you such as suppress appetite, increase energy and focus – stuff I can always use help with. I wish someone would concoct a scent sampler for websites so that I could impart the fragrance of those blossoms and branches through the internet. But perhaps you can image gazing at the photo below – with it’s little pieces of fruit and flowers it’s a beautiful spicy inviting concoction.

above: the dried blend – below: steeping

The tea itself is gorgeous – and while Teavana certainly didn’t invent remarkable teas they have helped to revolutionize the awareness of all the benefits of the various blends. There are scads of local tea enthusiasts and purveyors such as Tea Savvy in my neck of the woods who do wonderful things with their blends as well.

Another item that really thrilled me were these gorgeous floraly tea tins which they sell in various sizes to store tea, along with a label reminding of what’s inside as well as brewing instructions.

I love patterns and papers so I was enchanted with these beauties – the picture below was snapped with my ever handy iPhone so forgive the poor lighting. I can imagine a collection of these in an open shelf kitchen next to cups and saucers. I have a wet bar in what I call my parlor that has some dribbles and drabs of booze bottles that rarely see much action. I’d love to get a collection of these together and convert the area into a tea bar (or tea cozy) along with various pots and cups – it would get much more use for sure!

another view:

The tin I picked for my chai blend was this really pretty yellow and cherry blossom style – at $14.95 for the tin, and about $40 for the half pound of tea I’ll be collecting these slowly I think.

The paper seems to be treated to resist moisture and water a bit – but it has raised gold embossing and nice heavy texture.

Ok – one more – this time that’s it…(I love playing with my camera. In this case I’m trying to dodge flares and keep the aspect straight – not all that easy today.)

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