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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

In This Trophy Room, There Are No Winners


In This Trophy Room, There Are No Winners

by hookedonhouses on February 25, 2010

This Tudor-style home with a slate roof is on the market in Wisconsin for $650,000. It has four bedrooms, a large wooded yard with a waterfall pond, and a four-car garage. The agent describes it as “elegant yet deceiving.” That’s one way to put it! When you step inside, you may be surprised by what you see:

That’s right–stuffed zebras. A pair of them. Step into the den and you’ll find what I’m going to guess is not a faux zebra-skin…

And finally, just when you’ve seen enough dead critters for one “elegant yet deceiving” house, there is what the agent refers to as “The Trophy Room:”

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