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quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

One in 10 teenagers fall victim to cyberbullies, research finds

One in 10 teenagers has been a victim of cyberbullies, according to university research.

Published: 7:30AM GMT 24 Feb 2010
One in 10 children has fallen victim to cyberbullies, research shows Photo: GETTY

The internet means that they can be targeted round-the-clock, researchers warned.

Experts claim that cyberbullying can be more damaging than conventional teasing because perpetrators can remain anonymous and therefore make more hurtful claims.

Research in Sweden also suggests that social networking sites, such as Facebook, have become a new and destructive arena in which youngsters are taunted by their school peers.

"This type of bullying can be more serious than conventional bullying. At least with conventional bullying the victim is left alone on evenings and weekends," said Ann Frisén, Professor of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

"Victims of internet bullying – or cyberbullying – have no refuge. Victims may be harassed continuously via SMS and websites, and the information spreads very quickly and may be difficult to remove. In addition, it is often difficult to identify the perpetrator."

Miss Frisén's research concerns body image, identity development and different types of bullying among children and adolescents. She is also part of an EU network of researchers studying cyberbullying.

Prof Frisén added: "Cyberbullying occurs when new technologies such as computers and mobile phones are used to harass or bully somebody. The perpetrators often use SMS, email, chat rooms and Facebook to spread their message.

"There is a clear connection to school life – it usually calms downs in the summer. The perpetrator is almost always from the same school as the victim.

"It is a lot easier to be a perpetrator on the internet since it enables you to act anonymously. This also makes it possible for a weaker person to bully a stronger, which is uncommon in conventional bullying."

Prof Frisén took the example of a Facebook group devoted to people who "hated" a teenage schoolgirl. She said that the girl endured greater suffering because it took several weeks for the web page to be removed.

She also urged parents to make greater efforts to prevent cyber bullying by monitoring the websites their children visit and teaching them how to behave responsibly online.

She added that adults should lead by example by considering the kind of content they publish about themselves on the internet, such as on social networking sites.

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