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quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Sophie Anderton left 'hysterical' by stalker

Model Sophie Anderton has told a court how she was left ''hysterical'' after being bombarded with text messages from a stalker asking her to marry him.

Published: 1:45PM GMT 24 Feb 2010
Model Sophie Anderton: A cry for help Photo: Getty Images

Paul Davis, 58, first contacted Anderton to propose writing a biography of her and she referred him to her management company.

He continued to send text messages to her mobile phone despite her telling him to stop, Kingston Magistrates' Court, Surrey, heard.

He told the frightened model he wanted to marry her on a mountain, buy her a solitaire diamond ring and take her for dinner to Claridges, in a string of 88 texts sent between January and April last year.

Anderton, wearing a slate grey jacket, appeared close to tears as she spoke of the first contact with Davis.

The 32-year-old told the court: ''Over the course of the next few months it escalated, to the point I was having calls from 7.30 in the morning up to 1am. The texts escalated from being work-orientated to being personal and I believe, in my eyes, rather obsessional.''

One she read out to court said: ''How can I ask a girl to marry I have never met? That's easy, I know enough about Sophie from my research.''

He discussed arranged marriages with her in another, and told her: ''I'm looking forward to meeting you very soon. Trust me please, Paul x.''

She was ''practically hysterical'' when she reported the matter to police on March 27 last year, having first assumed the ''ramblings'' would stop.

She added: ''At that period of time, I was scared to go to restaurants, I was scared to go on the Tube because I didn't even know what this man looked like. It affected my life greatly.''

Anderton said she received constant telephone calls from Davis - including one when she was at the police station - and that she feared he meant to cause her harm.

''In the beginning, I assumed it was work,'' she told the court. ''When the texts became more personal I started getting rather frightened, and towards the end I couldn't go on the Tube, I couldn't walk anywhere without looking over my shoulder and I was frightened.''

Davis was warned not to contact Anderton by her management company and by Pc Claire Bowden, who answered the phone call from him in the police station.

Despite that, he did contact her again, the court heard, and was eventually arrested at his home address on April 2.

Davis, of Old Park Avenue, Enfield, denies one charge of harassment on the grounds of insanity.

The trial continues.

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