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quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

March 2, 2010 ·

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I adored being in Copenhagen. (Once I’d got over the shock of the £3.50 glass of Pepsi.) The beautiful city is packed full of interesting, creative people, the fashion & design is excellent and I felt warmly welcomed everywhere.

I knew I was going to love it when I saw the bike paths on the way into the city from the airport. This is a city which revolves around the bicycle. Everyone, & I really do mean everyone, seems to use a a bike, even with five inches of snow pushed up against the side of the roads. And Copenhagen’s cyclists don’t seem to want to compromise their wardrobes: whilst I spotted enough anoraks, plenty of women bike in high heels, silk party dresses, unsuitable hats in the most inclement of weather.

Copenhagen makes it easy to bicycle: the city clears the bike paths before the roads after a heavy fall of snow, and there are special rails at traffic lights for riders to prop up against. Most amazing to anyone used to the evil sticky fingered bike thieves of Manhattan & London, no one uses a bike lock. The machines are just left casually propped on a bike stand on the pavement, propped against walls or left in a pile with everyone else’s.

All of which brings me to one of my favourite blogs, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which documents the city’s effortlessly stylish riders. I feel London’s have a lot to live up to. Then again the difference between cycling Copenhagen’s tranquil bike paths & London’s lorry clogged streets is like chalk &cheese.

Image by LLG, Copenhagen February 2010

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