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quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

A day well spent...

... well really only about half an hour. After reading Bubblegarm's genius post about depotting the Urban Decay Book of Shadows I was inspired and before I knew it this afternoon I was out with the scissors.

I loved the UD Book of Shadows 2 but I just don't see why they have such clunky packaging, it's supposed to be a book so why not have a little palette like the Ammo which actually looks like a book? I don't know.

Anyway, I already had a full MAC palette with blues, purples and one lonely green so I decided that the bright colours would fit nicely at home in there and I had an empty MAC quad for the neutral shades.

I popped out the seperators in both and got to work on the UD BoS2. I just pulled out the drawer and then used the scissors to prod into the outer 4 corners of the shadows and then gently lifted out- they actually pop out fairly easy - there doesn't seem to be a lot of glue holding them down. I then just wiped off the excess glue and stuck magnets on the back. I still need to relabel them - I'm so lazy I always skip that step. If you want to try it out I'm sure there will be tutorials on You Tube.

After that, I decided I wanted all my colours in the one palette... so the Ammo was next - again just the same method of piercing the outer corners and carefully lifting them out. I love that I now have all my eyeshadows together - it means whenever I'm travelling I don't need to pick and choose - I can take them all.

Thanks again to Bubblegarm for the great idea!

Also a quick word to the wise - do not try to depot when you are feeling emotional - it will only lead to disaster as I unfortunately found out this evening while on a depotting high and trying (badly) to depot from the Nars Bridal palette.

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